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Typewriter FX Photo Filter: Images to Vintage ASCII Art

Typewriter FX Photo Filter transforms your favorite portraits into captivating typographical mosaics. Each character is meticulously sourced from real typewriters from the 1930s to 1980s, preserving their vintage vibe. Typewriter FX offers eleven of these distinctive typefaces to personalize your creations, or use eight system fonts to make ASCII art from text. Fine-tune the mood with adjustable brightness and capture all the personality of your loved ones or pets. Typewriter FX prioritizes your privacy—the lightning-fast conversion runs entirely on your device, accessing one photo at a time. Family and friends can enjoy the unique keepsakes you make when you install Typewriter FX today!

Cover of The Old-School Typewriter Algebra Workbook

The Old-School Typewriter Algebra Workbook

The Old-School Typewriter Algebra Workbook teaches today's teens basic algebra including linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational and radical expressions and equations, drawing them in with the vintage charm of an old typewriter that evokes memories of how past generations learned algebra. A summary of the needed mathematics introduces each section of worksheets, making the book ideal for independent extra practice, refreshing parents' memories or end-of-semester review. The focus is high school algebra with reinforcement of key topics often introduced in middle school.

In keeping with the old-school spirit of this book, all the exercises can be completed without calculators and have clear-cut answers given in the answer key. Every page was created entirely on the author's charmingly worn 1930 Corona Four manual typewriter. It features worked-out problems focused on common errors and a section about the unique typewriter behind the book.

About the author

Brian R. Krause is an MIT graduate with a passion for mathematics, technology and education. His teaching experience spans public middle and high schools in California and Arizona. Drawing on his internationally sought-after software design and engineering expertise, his innovative methods include using 3D modeling software to bring geometry to life and developing beautiful and engaging paper worksheets when students need them. He lives in Arizona with five typewriters, three bicycles and one dog.

About Adducive

Adducive was founded by Brian R. Krause in 1997 and today its creative projects across media celebrate mathematics and language. Its debut publishing project was ahead of its time technologically and educationally. Today, “The Old-School Typewriter Algebra Workbook” continues that tradition with its unique, vintage approach. From its most recent app, the photo filter Typewriter FX, to the unique 3D word games Lexiblox and Lexatetrahedra, you can see Adducive‘s expertise in iOS app design and development. Also a leading mobile consultancy, Adducive delivers creativity and quality, exceeding expectations from major tech companies to nonprofits to start-ups worldwide, resulting in a track record of consistent referrals and repeat business.

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