Typewriter FX Photo Filter: Images to vintage ASCII Art

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Turn your photos into nostalgic typographical art!

As seen in the YouTube series “App Underdog!”

Transform your favorite portraits into entrancing, retro mosaics of characters meticulously captured from real vintage typewriters from the 1930s to 1980s.

Typewriter FX is a photo filter app unlike any other...

Adjustable Ambiance: Fine-tune the final result with a light or dark effect to match your mood.

Beyond Courier & Menlo: When you make a printout or image, you can choose from 11 authentic, distinctive typefaces.

Authentic Vintage Typewriters: Each character is captured from real typewriters, preserving their imperfections and quirks.

Perfect for Portraits: Typewriter FX reveals the personality of your pets and loved ones in a tasteful, nostalgic way.

Protects Your Privacy: Lightning-fast converter runs completely on your iPhone or iPad and needs access to only one photo at a time.

About Adducive

Adducive founder Brian Krause has decades of experience developing for Apple platforms and mobile users that precedes even the iPhone. He is the solo designer and developer behind the vintage photo filter app Typewriter FX and the unique 3D word games Lexiblox and Lexatetrahedra. Each is a celebration of design and typography.

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